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EdAI Technologies builds tools that empower education with innovative technology. Our AI-powered solutions offer students, teachers, and schools to work in a data-driven manner by providing conditions for adaptive learning and teaching


We call our solution EdAider - the next generation AI-based learning platform. EdAider unlocks the value of data and analytics and provides adaptive learning and teaching possibilities. Our solution is a first of its kind hybrid analytics platform and it is uniquely tailored to support learning and teaching in traditional physical classrooms as well as in distance education.

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EdAI technologies’ team consists of researchers, developers and designers, committed to improve the education system. The 6 people at EdAI technologies have diverse backgrounds - entreprenuers, leaders, analytists and AI/ML specialists.

Jalal Nouri

CEO & Founder

Jens Gorne

Head of Business development

Kirill Maltsev


Martin Pettersson

Lead ML/AI

Milena Pacherazova

UX/UI Designer

Dimitry Siniukov

ML/AI & Backend

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